Past Conferences

These are past conferences of the ACBTA.

2018    The 6th Asian CBT Conference, Dhaka University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 9th – 12th. Organiser: Department of Clinical Psychology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh Clinical Psychology Society and Nasirullah Psychotherapy Unit Department of Clinical Psychology. (

2015    The 5th Asian CBT Conference, Zhongshan Hotel, Nanjing, May 15th-17th. Organiser: Nanjing Medical University.

2013 The 4th Asian CBT Conference, Tokyo-Heisei University, Tokyo, Japan, August 23rd – 25th. Organisers: Tokyo Heisei University and the Japanese CBT Association.

2011 The 3rd Asian CBT Conference, St. Mary Hospital, Catholic University of Korea, Seoul, South Korea. July 14th-16th. Organiser: Korean CBT Association.

2008 The 2nd Asian CBT Conference, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 20th-21st October. Organisers: Chulalongkorn University and the University of Queensland. (

2006 The 1st Asian CBT Conference, Chinese University of Hongkong, May 28th-30th. Organisers: Department of Psychology, Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Queensland.

From “Building a Bridge of Collaboration in CBT”; the 4th Asian Cognitive Behavior Therapy Conference 2013, Tokyo, Japan.
Left to Right: Daisuke Fijsawa (Japan), Robert Meyers (USA), Donna Sudak (USA), Tullio Scrimali (ITALY), Kumaraswamy
Narasappa (Malaysia), and Yutaka Ono (Japan). Photo courtesy of Tullio Scrimali.
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