ACBTA Constitution



1.        The name of the incorporated Association is the Asian Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Association or abbreviated to be ACBTA (in these Rules called the “Association”). The name may be changed if a motion is presented, for consideration at the Annual General Meeting, 30 days prior to the annual general meeting of the Association. 


1.1.1    To advance the theory and practice of CBT in Asia.

1.1.2    To stimulate research of CBT.

            1.1.3    To improve the quality of teaching and training in CBT.

            1.1.4    To provide a forum for exchanging of ideas, knowledge, and application 

                        of CBT in Asia. 

1.1.5        To facilitate interaction and cooperation for the advancement of CBT knowledge and practice in Asia with the aim of contributing to the advancement of CBT to the world at large


2.  In these Rules, unless the contrary intention appears.

2.1       Committee means the Executive Committee. Financial Year means the year 

ending on 30 June. 

2.2       General Meeting means a general meeting of members convened in accordance with Rule 1.1

2.3       Member means a member of the ACBT Association. 


3.1       There shall be 1 category of member- the Society Members.

3.2       Society Members shall normally be made through national/regional Societies and Association of CBT. Upon being approved by the executive Committee, all members of such organization in Asia being eligible to be members.

3.3       Each Society member shall pay the fee of Two hundred U.S. dollars ($200.00) per term ie from one ACBTA conference to the next conference.

3.4       The amount of $200.00 US dollars can be altered. The actual future amount shall be determined by the Executive Committee and Society members at the general meeting during the conference from time to time.


 Membership in the Association shall be brought to an end by (a) resignation, (b) non-payment of dues for two consecutive terms, or (c) by a decision of the Executive Committee in the best interests of the Association.


5.1       There must be a minimum of one general meeting held at the same time as the ACBTA conference. 

5.2       The Executive Committee shall meet regularly at each ACBTA conference. 

5.3       The Executive Committee members and two representatives of the Society members will attend the general meeting.

5.4       The Executive Committee and the representative of the Society Members may invite other members of their own association who attend the ACBTA conference to attend the general meeting.

5.5       Special meetings may take place at such other times determined by the President elect but no elections shall take place except at ACBTA general meeting during the ACBTA conference. 

5.6       If a special need arises, the Executive Committee may take action by mail or electronic communication in the interval between ACBTA conferences but such actions must be ratified at the next regularly scheduled general meeting.


6.1       Payment of expenses shall be made by the Treasurer who shall have the power to receive funds, to open banking accounts, to sign checks in the Association’s name, and, with the approval of the Executive Committee, to make appropriate investment of the Association’s funds.

6.2       In the absence of the Treasurer, the President or the Secretary are authorized to approve payment of funds in the Association’s name. Acting treasurer may be authorized by the Treasurer to carry out certain duties, provided that they work under the direction of the Treasurer.

6.3       An audit shall be conducted at the conclusion of the Treasurer’s final term of office or at other times to be determined by the Executive Committee.


7.1       The Executive Committee shall consist of a President Elect, a Past 

President (since this is the first term of the ACBTA, there shall be no past president for this term), a Secretary, a Treasurer and 2 additional executive members. 

7.2       The Executive Committee may appoint one or more additional members 

to the Executive Committee for a limited term to carry out specific functions needed by the Association. 

7.3       The terms of office are as follows: 

The executive committee members will serve for 1 term except the president elect who will become the past president will serve for another term

7.4      “A term” shall be defined as the time from the election of executive committee 

at the general meeting during the conference to the next election of new executive committee at the subsequence conference   

7.5       The Executive Committee shall exercise general administrative management of the affairs of the Association.

7.6       In the intervals between meetings of the Executive Committee shall have the authority to take such actions as are necessary for the conduct of the Association’s business. 

7.7       All executive members shall be elected at the General meeting of the association during the conference. 

7.8       Names for the officers for the executive committee shall be purposed, seconded and election will be by a simple majority vote of the voting members at the general meeting.

7.9       All the office-bearers shall be eligible for re-election for another term.

7.10     The quorum at the general meeting shall not be less than (1/2) of the executive members.


8.1       The President Elect

The President Elect /the president shall during her/his term of office, preside at all General Meetings and Executive Council meetings and be responsible for the proper conduct of all such meetings. She/he shall have the casting vote and shall sign the minutes of the meeting once approved. She/he shall, in conjunction with the Vice President and Treasurer, sign all cheques on behalf of the society.

8.2       The Past President 

The Past President shall assist the President in the proper conduct of all such meetings in preparation for his/her upcoming term.

8.4       The Secretary 

The Secretary shall be responsible for the administration of the Association in accordance to the Constitution, and she/he shall carry out the instructions of the general meeting and of the Executive Council. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, his/her duties shall include. 

8.4.1 Conducting all correspondence and keeping all documents, letters, minutes and other records except for accounts and financial record.

8.4.2 Preparing and submitting the following: 

(a) The agenda of the Annual General Meeting,

(b) Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting. 

8.5       The Treasurer

8.5.1 Responsible for the maintenance of proper up-to-date records and accounts of all financial dealings in the Association 

8.5.2 Operate the bank accounts in the authorized manner in conjunction with the President.

8.5.3 Prepare and make available to the Executive Committee the statement of accounts, balance sheets and other necessary documents and information for each financial year or as when required by the Executive committee for the General Meeting and for other purposes. 

8.6       Other Executive Members 

8.6.1 Other Executive Members shall carry out such duties as directed by the President of the Executive Committee. 


9.1       The Association may be voluntarily dissolved by a resolution of not less than three-fifths (3/5) of the total voting membership at a General Meeting specially convened for the purpose.

9.2       In the event of the Association being dissolved as provided above, all debts and liabilities legally incurred on its behalf shall be fully discharged, and remaining funds shall be disposed of in such a manner as decided upon by general meeting.


10.1     English language shall be the common language use by this association and during the ACBTA conference.

11. ACBTA Conference

11.1     The Executive Committee, the Society members and other invited members who attend the ACBTA general meeting during the ACBTA conference will discuss and determine which organization will host the ACBTA conference in the future.

11.2     The Executive members and the Society Members shall be active in encouraging national CBT society or other organizations to bit during the general meeting for the hosting of future ACBTA conference.

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