Abstract Submission

Instructions for Abstract Submission

1. Please follow this link to fill in the form for the submission of your abstract. One form is to be filled in per abstract.

2. Please name your file this way: Abstract_Track no_surname_firstname

Track numbers:

  1. Child and Adolescent
  2. Adult and Elderly
  3. Others

Example: Abstract_Track1_Doe_Jane

3. If you submit more than one abstract, please follow the examples below:

Example: Abstract_Track1_Doe_Jane_1


If you wish to submit more than one abstract, you will need to fill the form again for each additional abstract.

Ensure that all changes, corrections and proofreading have been carried out before submission.

4. For Abstract ID, please write your FIRST NAME_last 4 digits of your mobile number.

Abstract ID Example: JANE_7685

Upon submission, you will receive an acknowledgement email notifying that your abstract has been received.

Please use the same name and email address for 1) Conference Registration and 2) Abstract Submission.

NOTE: With submitting an abstract you are NOT automatically registered. Use the registration form to register.

For further queries, or if you have any problems submitting your abstract, please email us at: acbtc2021@gmail.com

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